8 Things To Do In The Snow With Kids

8 Things To Do In The Snow With Kids

things to do in the snow with kids

Snow is magical. We all get so excited when we look outside and see it is snowing, it makes us feel like we are in a winter wonderland.

Watching it snow is only the beginning of the fun! The kids can’t wait to get out and play in it as snow offers endless opportunities for entertainment! Ok, I admit it, I look forward to playing in the snow too!!

8 Things To Do In The Snow With Kids

  1. Go sledriding! Find a hill, get a tube or sled and go ride the white snow! Not only will you have a great time, but walking up the hills will tire out the kids… a win-win!!
  2. Make a snow fort. Challenging the kids to make a snow fort or an igloo is a great way to help the kids learn to work together. They will be learning survival skills, teamwork skills and building skills all while having a fantastic time!
  3. Have a snow ball fight! Initiate a snow ball fight and then revel in all of the giggles and smiles that will follow as you hunt each other down and fire away!
  4. Make a snow angel village. Because making one snow angel is never enough!! Have fun making loads of angels all around and create a village!
  5. Start the kids skiing. Skiing is a wonderful activity that they will always be able to do whether in a group or on their own. Kids are never too young to start. I started mine when they were 2. I would put on the skiis and walk them up and down the bottom of a sledding hill so that they would develop a feel for it and their balance. Here are more great tips on skiing with kids.
  6. Make snow cones! Turn the snow fort into a snow cone shop and have fun making creative kinds of snow cones for sale!
  7. Make some snow paint (or get some snow paint – yes they do make this) and fashion a painting in the snow. Let your creativity flow. All you need are a few spray bottles filled with water. Add in a few drops of food coloring to make whatever colors you want and go have a blast!
  8. Take a few minutes to look around and appreciate the snow with your kids. How lucky are we to have seasons offering different fun activities for us to enjoy? Talk about this with your kids for a bit!

We love playing in the snow!

What are your favorite things to do in the snow with kids?

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