4 Conscious Hacks To Creating A Healthy Morning Routine With Your Kids

4 Conscious Hacks To Creating A Healthy Morning Routine With Your Kids

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It is the middle of the school year, it has been cold and icky out and yup, our morning routines have become lazy… leaving us running, yelling last-minute, frazzling all of us!

Our mornings start off nice and cozy when the kids jump into my bed for a snuggle and a show until I realize we need to be out the door in 10 minutes and lunches are not made, bags are not packed, no one is dressed – let alone hair and teeth brushed!

Then the freak out begins and we all start yelling at each other only to make it to school just in the nick of time…

This lasted for about a week (Ok, maybe a little longer… :-0 ) before I couldn’t take it anymore and decided to take charge of our morning routines once again… rain or no rain!

Morning habits are important because they can set the tone for your whole day. If you start your morning late and frazzled, then chances are, your whole day will be and vice versa. The good news is that we are in control of our habits. With a little strong will + some conscious hacks, we can choose to change them at any time!

Here is what our mornings look like now thanks to my time saving conscious hacks and how I did it while teaching consciousness to my children!

4 Conscious Hacks to Creating A Healthy Morning Routine With Your Kids

  • Incorporate a 5-minute yoga session, here’s how: When my littles wake up, they usually come and jump in bed with me for a snuggle. In our laziness, we have been putting on a show until we have to run, literally. Instead, now we have our snuggle then get up when we are ready, go into the living room with newly professionally cleaned carpets and do 5 minutes of yoga stretches quietly. I tell them to focus on their breath, listen to what their body is telling them to do. I ask them what things they would like to have happen today. We finish with 30 seconds of silence with closed eyes and then each person gives each person a compliment. It sets a great tone for the day as well as gives each child the attention that they need to keep their confidence up and their attention-seeking trouble down. Check out 5 great things to say to your children everyday!
  • Prepare breakfast together: Give kids at least 2 healthy options (they can be quick things like toast and jam or a big breakfast depending on what your norm is) and let them pick and help prepare their breakfast, even if it is just opening greek yogurt after doing yoga. This will help give them a sense of accomplishment and independence + teaches them to make good choices!
  • Get their clothes ready and out the night before. I usually get their clothes out the night before (sometimes they will) and leave them for them to dress after breakfast. While they are dressing and getting their hair and teeth brushed, I get lunches made and bags packed. Then get myself ready!
  • Encourage reading a magazine or newspaper. If there was extra time, my littles would put a show on and then we would get to fight to turn it off to leave (oh joy…!). Instead now, when there is extra time, I challenge them to read one magazine article from kids national geographic, kids time or the newspaper so we can all discuss it on the way to school. And there is no fighting when it is time to go… The added bonus is that we are all learning cool things from these articles and having great conversations because of them setting the tone for a productive, healthy, happy day!

Check out some more great tips on being a conscious parent here! What are your great conscious hacks to creating a healthy morning routine with your kids?


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