Conscious Parenting: 10 Conscious Parenting Hacks Every Parent Should Know

Conscious Parenting: 10 Conscious Parenting Hacks Every Parent Should Know

Conscious Parenting: 10 Conscious Parenting Hacks

Raising the next generation is one of the biggest challenges each and every parent faces. There are so many choices, so many situations that catch us by surprise, so many little moments lost in our frustration to do it all just right – trying to be perfect, to raise perfect, to seem perfect.

I know I was caught in that mindset for a while. I can’t tell you how many times the phrase “I wish someone had told me” was uttered under my breathe in the early years of raising my irish twins and stepsons!

Luckily now, with the majority of people having access to the internet, we have a way of sharing out tips, tricks and conscious parenting hacks with each other! So here are 10 of my conscious parenting hacks I learned the hard way that will hopefully spare you some of the frustration many of us have gone through lol! 😉

10 Conscious Parenting Hacks Every Parent Should Know

  1. Safety Bead Bracelet

Safety was a big issue for me, and my kids wandering off has always been a fear for me. A great idea is to make a beaded bracelet with your phone number as the center, including your area code, and either put it on your child’s wrist or ankle or safety pin it safely to their clothing when going out. Before I had heard about the bracelet idea, I would tuck a note into their pocket with my phone number anytime we went anywhere. Talk to them about it and tell them to show it to a safe adult – this is a great time to talk about safe adults as well.

2. Remedies for our little Picasso’s!

Here is what I wish I had known in an easy list in case your kids and like mine and LOVE to color… outside the box… shall we say!!

  • Permanent Marker on clothing, fabric, the walls or couches – spray hairspray, wait a few minutes and wipe away with a wet sponge.
  • Crayons on the wall or hard surface – Spray WD-40 and wipe away.

3. Always carry stain remover in your bag, everywhere! Mine is invaluable, this is my favorite, it fits nicely into my bag and has saved me many, many clothes!

4. Use Baking Soda for painless splinter removal and bee sting remedy. It works, for a splinter, mix a small amount of water with baking soda, apply to splinter, let dry (as it does, it naturally pulls the splinter out), peel away the dry baking soda carefully lifting the splinter out. For bee stings, check out my post on this awesome natural remedy here.

5. Cut one big sticker in half and place inside on the arch of each of your child’s shoe to help them easily learn which foot the shoe belongs on.

6. Make a bottle of “Monster Spray” if your little is scared at night, giving them the power to banish any monster that even dares to come close! Take a clear spray bottle, paint the words Monster Spray on it with a fun design, fill it with water and several drops of Lavendar Oil and voula! You have a demon demolishing tonic ready for any night time battle that will soothe and relieve! You can also use this idea for other fears.

7. Talk to your kids! Biggest life hack ever! We get so focused on everything has to be perfect, but the reality is, life happens. And the kids will understand that if we talk to them about it honestly. Talking to them early on, keeping the lines of communication always open is the best way be in the know.

8. Put a cupcake wrapper on the bottom of any type of popsicle to catch the drippings. Best idea ever (ok, one of them lol). Simply stick the end of the stick through the middle of the cupcake wrapper and hand the treat over for some delicious clean fun!

9. Make cleaning fun. Pick a time every week for family house cleaning. It is so important for the kids to learn this and for you to incorporate them taking care of themselves into a routine. So make a list of age-appropriate chores for all of you, blast the music, sing and dance and get it clean together!

10. Appreciate. So simple, yet often overlooked in those most overwhelmed moments. So when you feel close to melt down, take 5 parent minutes however you have to, breathe, know you are not alone and appreciate all of these little challenges, because I bet one day you will miss this very moment!

Cheers and happy parenting!

Malibu Mama Loves Xxx




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