5 Reasons Why Family Travel Strengthens Marriages

5 Reasons Why Family Travel Strengthens Marriages



It is no big secret that children drastically change our lifestyles – especially our marriage.

There are days when having the children makes everything worth-while and there are days when all you can think about is how to sneak into the car and quickly drive away…

It is on these days that my secret weapon of travel can really be useful.

Stepping outside of your normal daily routines to have an adventure, one in which you and your mate are the tour guides, can be just the right medicine for your marriage.

Family travel is important for the children and for us parents.

Here are 5 Reasons why Family Travel Strengthens Marraiges

1st Reason Why Family Travel Strengthens Marriages

The excitement of planning a trip will quickly reignite the old flame. Planning a trip will take the focus off of whatever stressor has entered the relationship by providing something for you both to look forward to – a much needed adventure. The adrenaline boost that comes along with that excitement will make you (and your mate who is planning this with you) feel happy and, in turn, remember why you are together.

2nd Reason Why Family Travel Strengthens Marriages

You really get to know your mate. Taking a trip together means leaving the material things behind and opening up to what life has to offer you. Having to work together to provide a good time for your children, yourselves and each other gives you a unique insight into who your mate really is and why you make a great team.

3rd Reason Why Family Travel Strengthens Marriages

You truly learn work to work together as a team – to depend upon each other! Family travel really is amazing. There is nothing like a lovely glass of wine together after successfully navigating your children around whatever attractions you took in that day, handling the long lines, bathroom needs at every inopportune moment, repeating ‘Look, don’t touch’ a million times, dealing with the billion questions to be rewarded with a ‘Wow, that is amazing’ moment shared with your child just before they dump the last bottle of water all over the backpack, by accident of course! But you did it (and let’s be honest you even had some fun), together. The kids are happy and you two will feel like super-parents – Invincible! Now that will strengthen any marriage!

4th Reason Why Family Travel Strengthens Marriages

The bond created from learning to depend upon each other. Family Travel provides an opportunity to learn to work through challenges together – those long lines, potty breaks, entertaining the kids, navigating around – will create a bond between you that will last a lifetime. You will also get very good at putting up with each other’s quirks giving you both a strong place to draw from in those really bad, angry moments when you are thinking about running.

5th Reason Why Family Travel Strengthens Marriages

The incredible, irreplaceable memories that you create with each other. Not only will you have pictures to look at, but you will have memories in your heart that will carry you though many a disagreement. Being together on a family trip, your lover becomes your best friend. Knowing everything you have been through together makes you think twice before throwing it all away.

Seriously, family travel strengthens marriages!

How has family travel strengthened your marriage?

Malibu Mama Loves Xx

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