How To Stand Up For Yourself

How To Stand Up For Yourself


Something that many, many of struggle with is standing up for ourselves. The truth is, learning how to stand up for yourself actually betters your mental health and means you are looking out for your own well-being, respecting and honoring your self-worth.

The thing is, when we are too passive during a difficult situation, we end up feeling like we have been walked all over and we’ve let ourselves down. We start feeling like doormats and eventually (even decades later) anger or resentment will take hold.

Learning how to stand up for yourself in a healthy way seems a much better option, right?! Rather than being a people pleaser and feeling like a doormat, you must be intentional with your efforts to change a pattern of being a pushover!

It is hard to stand up for yourself for many reasons – possibly your childhood and how you were raised, possibly you’ve experienced trauma, perhaps you can’t get past some fears – there are many reasons. But friction and standing up for ourselves does not have to be a bad thing. It shows that you are respecting yourself, caring for and honoring yourself. Everyone struggles, it is part of life.

Are you ready to change your perspective and learn a few new ways on how to stand up for yourself, on a conscious level?

Let’s do it!

5 Tips On How To Stand Up For Yourself

  1. Rewrite the limiting belief that ‘you are not allowed to say no’ to ‘Saying no can be a good thing’. Once we understand that the need to always say yes and always please others does not serve us, we can rewrite that limiting belief, we can start to allow ourselves to understand that saying no is actually healthy and good. No one person can be expected to everything all the time, yet many of us hold ourselves to these standards because we think we have to. You don’t! Saying no in a kind and conscious manner is completely acceptable and ok. You can read more about saying no here, it is something I really struggled with for a long time (ok, so I still might a little😉).
  2. Use your body posturing to back up your words. How you present yourself to others when you speak will 100% affect how effective you are. If you try to stand up for yourself while you are slouching, staring at the floor mumbling your words, you won’t be taken seriously – just as you wouldn’t take someone approaching you seriously in that way. You show confidence with your body language by standing up straight, head held high, shoulders back and relaxed making eye contact the whole time as you speak firmly yet calmly.
  3. Stay true to your words and practice when you can. Don’t go back on your words once you have said them, make sure you feel what you say and say what you feel and don’t waver. You’ve heard this before – practice makes perfect! You can practice in front of a mirror, when you are driving, in the shower, whenever, but practicing will help it feel more natural when the time comes.
  4. Know when to leave. Situations do arise where it is best to just walk away. If someone is attacking irrationally, occasionally they can not hear you so it is best to just walk away and revisit it, perhaps with a third party much later. Do not be afraid to literally just walk away from the conversation.
  5. Take your time with your responses and remember you deserve respect. You are under no obligation to respond immediately. Take your time, think about how you would like to respond and do it on your own time.

Join me as I talk more about standing up for yourself here on Conscious Straight Talk!


Malibu Mama Loves Xx

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I am a conscious mama, a dv survivor, a conscious trauma informed life coach who has overcome trauma and helps others turn their pain into purpose in facing their unhealed traumas.

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