How to Create the Ideal Sleep Environment

How to Create the Ideal Sleep Environment

how to create the ideal sleep environment

Considering we spend 1/3 of our lives asleep, I would say our sleep environment – our bedrooms – are pretty important.

I have shared some tips on how to get more sleep, and on which is the best sleep pose for you. Today, we are going to go more in-depth on how to create your ideal sleep environment!

9 Simple Tips on How to Create the Ideal Sleep Environment

Tip #1 on How to Create the Ideal Sleep Environment

Choose a calming, relaxing color for your walls. Light blues, greens, purples, browns and greys are all great choices. Green is actually the easiest color on our eyes while blue and purple are very calming colors. Try bringing home a few different color tiles from the paint store and sit with them in your room. See which color puts you at ease and go with that one!

Tip #2 on How to Create the Ideal Sleep Environment

Buy the best mattress that you can afford – remember you are spending a 1/3 of your life sleeping, best that you are doing it in the most comfortable way possible! You will want to flip your mattress every year and replace it every 7 years. Don’t be afraid to try a few mattress stores until you find just the right mattress for you! This is the time to be picky!!!

Tip #3 on How to Create the Ideal Sleep Environment

Purchase good quality natural tree-fibre sheets in a nice, calming color. Be sure to use a hypoallergenic comforter and to change your sheets weekly. It is important to keep your bedroom clean and clutter free to help promote sleep. Many studies have shown that you sleep better in a clean environment vs. a cluttered up dusty one.

Tip #4 on How to Create the Ideal Sleep Environment

Find the best pillow for you! Having a good pillow will help you fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up refreshed and ready for anything. I recently have been using the SleepTime Products Back to Sleep Pillow designed to reduce wrinkles and keep you sleeping on your back. I love it. I have no more neck pain thanks to this pillow and I love that the Back to Sleep Pillow is helping me naturally fight wrinkles while I am asleep. They are currently offering my readers 10% off when ordering – just type ‘malibumamaloves’ into the coupon code box when ordering here.

Tip #5 on How to Create the Ideal Sleep Environment

Control the temperature. I have found (and many studies have shown) that keeping the house below 70°F for sleeping is best. We keep ours at 68 at night.

Tip #6 on How to Create the Ideal Sleep Environment

Do your best to remove all artificial lights. Lights from your alarm clock, phone, TVs etc. are all artificial light sources and can stimulate your brain to stay awake. Make sure you are using softer light bulbs (or candles), have black out curtains up if there is a street light or a neighbor with a crazy bright yard light just outside your window and cover your alarm clock and phone lights with a wash cloth at night. If you must watch TV or do computer work after sun down be sure to use yellow glasses as this will help protect you.

Tip #7 on How to Create the Ideal Sleep Environment

Use some white noise. I keep sound machines in everyone’s bedroom and I always travel with ours. They work wonders to block out noisy neighbors, noisy parents/siblings, construction sounds and sirens going by. Sound machines also help you stay in a deep sleep for longer. This is the one that we all use:

Tip #8 on How to Create the Ideal Sleep Environment

Make sure your bedroom air is clean and perhaps introduce a scent to help you relax and sleep better. Lavender is a great scent to help promote sleep, try adding in a lavender candle or an oil burner with some lavender oil.

Tip #9 on How to Create the Ideal Sleep Environment

Keep your bedroom as electronic free as possible. Electric blankets are a definite no-no. If you use one regularly but have trouble sleeping, this could be the reason. So ditch it and get a hypoallergenic down comforter instead. Keep charging phones and computers out of your room. The EMFs that are being released from these items have been shown to disturb sleep so get them out or at least turn them off and unplug.

Check out my vlog on creating your ideal sleep environment:

Sleep is super important. Creating the ideal sleep environment will help promote a better night’s sleep which means a healthier, happier you!

What are your great tips on How to Create the Ideal Sleep Environment?

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