Sex Addiction

Sex Addiction


Just like drug, alcohol and gambling addictions, sex can be an addiction too, just as nasty as the others. And usually, it is completely misunderstood and hard to diagnose.

The difference between having a high sex drive and having a sex addiction is that sex (whatever form it takes for the person) becomes so important that is begins to negatively impact your life – your job, relationships, hobbies.

With over 30 million people suffering from sex addiction, it is something we all need to be aware of and more conscious of.

What is Sex Addiction?

Sex addiction is the compulsive need to perform sexual acts in order to achieve that ‘fix’ that a person would get from alcohol, drugs or gambling. It is so disruptive that is begins to destroy their lives – losing jobs, hurting those they love, falling off from their responsibilities and favorite hobbies. It can be devastating.

Especially if you don’t understand it.

Often times the addict will alter their life and activities in order to achieve their impulses. They become masters at deceptions and hiders due to the shame, embarrassment and guilt caused by their actions. They are unable to control their urges, even despite very negative consequences.

How Does A Sex Addiction Start?

The most common is from deep rooted childhood trauma or abuse that has been left neglected, causing the brain to act out. Often times these acts are done to numb and escape – instead of heighten and enjoy and this is what most people don’t realize. Sex addicts are in pain, trying to cover their hurt in possibly dangerous ways. Ways that will also lessen the sex with their long term partner.

A sex addict is deeply, deeply hurting inside and hiding desperately from that hurt. The shame and the guilt compounds on the already traumatized brain and without attention, therapy even rehab, these people can go entire lives with this sort of pain.

Can You Heal A Sex Addiction?


With open and honest communication, therapy and usually even rehab. Like drug addiction it can take 6 – 7x at month long rehabs for it to work. And the trauma bonds that have been created between the two of you will also be hard to heal.

It is a tough, painful journey, but one that will end with the sex addict being able to finally have that intimate relationship they so crave yet fear.

When you fall in love with a sex addict, often times you won’t know it until years into the relationship and so much damage has been done to both parties that major therapy is needed and group therapy helps also.

Join us here on Conscious Straight Talk With Katie & Lindsey as we talk more about what happens when you are in love with a sex addict.

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