The Benefits of Exercising Outside

The Benefits of Exercising Outside

the benefits of exercising outside

As a parent, the weeks just seem to fly by being filled with homework, after school activities, laundry, dishes… and on the list continues. Exercising for us parents always seems to be the first thing we think ‘Oh, I can skip that today and just do extra tomorrow’, and then suddenly I have skipped the whole week!

And then I feel crappy, irritated, and frustrated – ok, flabby too!

Though I did write about Brilliant Wine being a workout of sorts, there is just no replacing a proper exercise class or workout with a personal trainer. Take that workout outside and you will feel even better!

When I moved to SoCal, I discovered that many personal trainers give classes for groups of people in the park. I had to try one and they are soooo much fun! The idea is popular as when I travel, I now notice more people having these really fun exercise classes in the park – which is awesome. I even saw some people in a park in New England in the snow having a fun workout class!

Curious as to why exercising outside is becoming popular? Because of the benefits – which you cannot get inside of a gym!

The Benefits of Exercising Outside

1st Reason for Exercising Outside

You feel better and happier! Breathing in all of that fresh air, oxygenating your blood, increases your blood flow and gives you some invaluable mental clarity. You won’t get that in a sweaty, stinky gym! Fresh air is nature’s Prozac. Study after study after study shows how happy and in control breathing some fresh air will make you feel.

2nd Reason for Exercising Outside

The Vitamin D! A good 50 minute workout in the park gives you a big boost of the much needed (most of us are deficient) Vitamin D in the most natural way possible – absorbed through our skin. Check this article out to see what Vitamin D does for us!

3rd Reason for Exercising Outside

Your workout will be longer! Without even realizing it, you will workout for longer. Whether doing a class, taking a walk/bike/run or even yoga in the park, nature provides plenty of scenery to take our minds off of working our bodies out. Nature is a great distraction!

4th Reason for Exercising Outside

You can have your workout anywhere, anytime! When you are used to working-out outside, no matter where you travel to, you will be able to utilize the landscape for your own purposes! And you will be able to see yet a different side of the place you are visiting, anytime YOU want to!

5th Reason for Exercising Outside

You will use more calories! The challenges that the varied terrain offers your body and the way your body reacts to accommodate said challenge is just something you cannot get on any treadmill or in any gym.  When you add in the elements – wind, temperature and other external variables, you end up using up to 7% more calories than you would in a gym.

6th Reason for Exercising Outside

You save money! Love this one! Gym memberships are not cheap, but the outside is free! The classes in the park are also a lot cheaper than gym classes. If you don’t have one near you, find a personal trainer and start your own group. Split the personal trainer’s fee and get a fun class going!

Want to exercise outside with us? Aime, The Butt Babe, has started a booty boot camp in the park. It is affordable, it is fun and the best part? You feel great when you’re done!

For more information on this Drop me a line and I will send you her booty boot camp schedule and contact information. She has classes on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings in the park with a great group of people who come and have fun while getting fit each morning! Not only do we laugh a lot, but we encourage each other to lead healthier, more natural lives. Aime has taken The 12 Weeks to a Flawless Fanny program to the next level!

I hope to see you there!

What are your great tips for exercising outdoors?

Malibu Mama Loves Xx

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I am a conscious mama, a dv survivor, a conscious trauma informed life coach who has overcome trauma and helps others turn their pain into purpose in facing their unhealed traumas.

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  1. This boot camp is going to really help get you ready to be rocking that swimsuit this summer! I am so so excited to see you all out there its going to be challenging but also super fun!!!

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