17 Reasons to Travel in 2017

17 Reasons to Travel in 2017

reasons to travel in 2017

It is a new year and that means loads of new opportunities are sure to be on the way for each of us to take advantage of! There are so many great reasons to travel, especially in 2017, that I’m just going to dive right in and list my top 20 Reasons to travel in 2017!

17 Reasons to Travel in 2017

  1. The American dollar is strong right now making international travel super affordable with deals to be found everywhere.
  2. Travel to rekindle the lost art of spontaneity. Many of our lives have become so scheduled. Travel allows us to step outside of our day-to-day routines and be more open to what life’s surprises.
  3. Travel to spice up our lives! An upcoming trip gives us something to get really excited about and will add some spring to your step and a sparkle to your eye! The trip itself will be life-changing in some way, you will come back refreshed, renewed and rejuvenated.
  4. Travel to disconnect from social media and reconnect with our families and friends. The average person spends close to 3 hours a day online and less than that outside exploring or connecting with our families or friends. Travel encourages us to do both explore and spend face time with our loved ones.
  5. It is now easier than ever to maintain a healthy lifestyle while traveling. Thanks to the conscious living and wellness markets, it is now easier than ever to eat healthy while traveling and to exercise while traveling.
  6. Travel to make unforgettable memories. The kind that last a lifetime.
  7. Travel to build a bond. Whether you travel solo, with family or with friends, there will be many chances to build trust bonds and dependence bonds both with yourself and others.
  8. Travel to try something new. You never know what amazing things may happen when you open yourself up to the universe by trying something new. As an added bonus, trying something new spices up your life and can renew your inner child’s zest for living!
  9. Travel to build tolerance. Along with all of the good, there will be some bumps in the road. These bumps will help you to build tolerance and problem solving skills – they will make each of us better thinkers on our feet!
  10. Travel to spread your knowledge and help others. There are so many ways you can give back when you travel and reasons to travel for good purposes. By bringing your solutions to help other communities’ problems, you can effectuate sustainable change for so many people.
  11. It is now easier than ever to travel; most travel days can be stress free! Compared to what it used to be like to go from one place to another, travel has become easier, faster, cheaper and more stress free than ever. Here are some great tips on how to reduce your travel stress.
  12. Travel to make fantastic stories to share. Our journey’s and experiences are part of what makes each of us so interesting. Travel gives us something to always be talking about!
  13. Travel to take gorgeous pictures to share. This world in which we live is absolutely breathtaking, travel lets us see it and photograph it. This is how I take great travel photos, you can easily as well and then have tons of fun creating a photo album and sharing them with your friends.
  14. Travel to change your life. Each and every one of our journey’s is life changing in it’s own way. Maybe we needed to relax and bring our stress levels down, travel allows for this. Maybe we need to learn how to depend on ourselves, travel can show you how. Maybe we need to learn how to depend on others, travel can show you that too.
  15. Travel to make new friends. It is always fun to chat with new people who are traveling to the same destination as you. Chances are you will have loads in common and forge some incredible, new, life-long relationships in the process.
  16. Travel to appreciate what you have. When we see and experience another lifestyle for a few days, we begin to miss home giving us a renewed appreciation for what we already have and where we live.
  17. Travel to appreciate our world. Likewise, when we step outside of our communities into other ones, we gain an appreciation for what their lives are like. Travel gives us this wonderful feeling of being a part of something larger and lets us see the many wonders of our beautiful world.

What are your great reasons to travel in 2017?

Cheers and safe travels!

Malibu Mama Loves Xx

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