4 Conscious Lessons We Can Learn From Nature

4 Conscious Lessons We Can Learn From Nature


Ever heard the saying “Nature is not a place to visit. It is home.”? I fully believe there is so much truth in that statement, and that there are so many conscious lessons we can learn from nature.

Many cultures embrace nature and hold it in the highest of values. Yet in many societies, materialism has us quickly detaching from nature and losing sight of all that it does have to teach us. As a conscious trauma informed life coach, I find it so healing to go back to nature for many lessons on growth, strength, patience, perseverance, and faith. In seasons of struggle, think about how the ocean does it, how the stars continue to burn, how seeds bloom, how trees grow.

As we are starting the holiday season and thinking about all of the things we are thankful for this November 2021, mother nature is #6 on my list and I wanted to go a little deeper with 4  conscious lessons we can learn from nature with you!

4 Conscious Lessons We Can Learn From Nature

  1. A Lesson From The Trees: They grow deep roots around other forms of trees without comparing themselves to each other and without prejudice. As seasons change, the green leaf does not resist the change in color to red; they calmly and strongly and faithfully let go of their leaves when the time comes; they rest when they are supposed to while being vulnerable and in the open, surrendering to the universe, trusting that new growth will come and their purpose is for the highest good. Each tree is unique and incomparable just as each human being is. And each human can learn how to let go and trust from the tree.
  2. A Lesson From Our Gardens: We work the soil, plant the seeds, provide nutrition, water and attention, keep the area free of ‘weeds’ and patiently await for signs of growth. We can not force it. We can not rush it nor can we delay it. It happens exactly as it should, in nature’s own time. Fruits and vegetables will ripen and fall from the vine because they know when to let go and allow divine timing to run it course. Our gardens are fantastic examples of what can happen when we tend to our hearts, unhealed trauma and inner child, surrendering to mother nature and divine timing, while working hard to keep ourselves in full bloom, right where we are planted. Gardens show us what having faith in tomorrow can bring. The flowers in a garden don’t discriminate who they share their beauty and fragrance with, ever notice that? True compassion and love comes from sharing your beauty with everyone you meet, just as flowers and fruits and vegetables in a garden do.
  3. A Lesson From Our Pets and Animals: With just a moment of eye contact, a wag of a tail, a lick of hand, our pets and animals alike can communicate intense feelings, a beautiful display of unconditional love and acceptance with no words having to be spoken. They show us that love is felt in the heart. They accept themselves and quickly learn to embrace their strengths and recognize their weaknesses valuing what they do have. One of the biggest conscious lessons we can learn from nature is the acceptance of self, the acceptance of others and the knowledge that we are all connected no matter what we look like, sound like or feel like.
    1. I want to add in a bonus conscious lesson we can learn from nature, from her animals. The lesson of the animals of prey. The ones being hunted. It has been observed that they do not over analyze or plan in advance the ways they are going to escape a predator in the future. When the threat arises, their fight or flight kicks in, when the threat is gone, they go back to doing what they do without a thought or care about the predators. They exist in the present only. The lesson is not to dwell in a space of fear of the future or hurt and regret of the past when the threat no longer exists. It’s important to deal with your unhealed trauma and stay in the present focusing on all that you can accomplish and currently do have.
  4. A Lesson From The Sun and The Moon: darkness is necessary to appreciate light. Light helps us to appreciate darkness. The lesson in the sun and the moon is how they need and balance each other. We can count on there always being light after the darkness, the sun will shine and the moon will beam. To everything in life, there are seasons as night and day.

What are some of your favorite conscious lessons we can learn from nature? Please share in the comments!

Malibu Mama Loves Xx


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